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Flowers This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Betty Heitman who was born in Missouri on April 15, 1931 to Alice Irene (Covey) Farris and Clarence Marshall Farris and passed away on July 18, 2005 at North Kansas City Hospital at the age of 74. We will remember her forever. She was a wonderful grandmother to me - I couldn't have asked for a better one. I'm thankful to have had her in my life. I only wish that my children would have had more time to enjoy her company. She was really something special! She may not have been perfect, but think about anyone?  If anyone has anything they would like to contribute please do so. I am not completely done with the site, so please don't be upset if you do not see your picture,name etc. yet. It just takes a lot of work to get everything right. EVERYONE grandma knew & loved is welcome to offer pieces to be added to the site. NOTE:  Remember too, that a unique way to honor & remember my grandma would be to go into "memorial candles"  and 'light' a candle for her.     

On butterfly wings,
Wings all my own,
To you I am gone,
But now I am home.


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Tributes and Condolences
For a Beautiful lady......   / Amy Ashby-Hershberger (Grandaughter)
Beautiful LadyBeautiful LightI Think Of YouEvery DayEvery NightNo Other Grandmothers LoveCould Ever CompareThe Way You WereThe Way You CaredAll Those CobblersAll The PiesCanning JellyI Remember Those TimesRiding HorsesTrips To The StoreWhat I Wouldn'...  Continue >>
You are truly missed   / Cheryl Heitman (daughter in law )
Since you've been gone, so much has happened. Dakota was born. Mike loves being a daddy. Little did we know that Mikes health would start going down hill. First his back, then parkinsons & then alzheimers. The latest news we had was that he had s...  Continue >>
Turkey Day   / Amy (Grandaughter)
 Happy Thanksgiving, Grandma.  I love you & wish you could be here with me... holidays will never be the same w/o you.
A Grandma is   / Amy
Grandmother Grandmother hugs and Grandmother kisses, Hot oven cookies and holiday wishes, Closets with treasures of children grown old, Stories of magic and princes so bold, Oceans of patience and rainbows of love, A bright ray of sunshine s...  Continue >>
Never say good-bye  / Cassandra Craven (Grandaughter)    Read >>
If I knew  / Amy Ashby-Hershberger (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Stairway to Heaven  / Melissa (Liz) Heitman (Grandaughter)    Read >>
Angel In Our Hearts  / Alesia Sullard (Daughter)    Read >>
poem / Amy Ashby -. Hershberger (Grandaughter)    Read >>
If i should ever leave you!  / Friend     Read >>
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Her legacy
Bettys Love  
   Betty Marie Heitman was only 36 when her beloved Jake passed away leaving her with 6 children to raise on her own,including one who was disabled. Betty did her best & tried her hardest to provide for little Delores, Gene, Patrick, Michael, Daniel & Alesia. 
    Once the kids grew up and had their own little ones, Betty also took them in.  Becoming the greatest grandmother ever was no chore for her. She helped to raise her grandaughters Michelle, Amy, Melissa, and Cassie and one grandson Jeffrey. Betty loved those kids... and you could certainly tell. 
    When the grandkids had all grown up she took in new "babies."  Her little dogs meant the world to her.  
   Betty was preceded in her death by not only her husband,Jake, in 1968, but also by her brothers, Jimmy and Michael and her sisters Becky Newsome, Elva lee and Marybelle.
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Grandma as a baby
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